Custom Lanyards for a Cause

Custom lanyards can be used in raising awareness and encourage others to participate in your movement. There are lots of groups that use customized wrist bands to let other people become aware of their cause. If you want to try something a bit different, then you can use lanyards to spread your message.

There are groups that use statement t-shirts to voice out the things that they fight for or show support for their cause. There are groups that use sun visors where they print the awareness they want to spread. Some use bumper stickers to give others something to ponder about. There are pins or buttons that can be used to support a certain cause, and at the same time let others know about the existence of a certain organization or movement.

You can print inspiring words on your lanyards together with the advocacy of your group. You can have different printed lanyard quotes per batch and make sure that all of them will lead to a common goal. It should be able to impart the awareness that you want other people to know.

The custom lanyards for the cause or awareness you want the masses to consider might even bring inspiration to others. It is possible that there are people who believe in the same things that you fight for. They kept mum about it because they thought no one shares their point of view. The lanyards can help you with your cause, and let those who share the same sentiment know that they are not alone. You might even gain additional volunteers to your organization.

You can ask some help from your loved ones and friends to promote your group by wearing the lanyards you have provided wherever they go. They can use the lanyards to hold their keys, flashlights, light tools, and others. If their school or company is not strict about wearing a lanyard with a message, then ask your friend or loved one to encourage their peers to wear your customized lanyards as well.

Choosing the Provider

Custom LanyardsMost cause-oriented groups continue to exist through the help of donations. Your group, like any cause oriented group, might have a limited budget. Nonetheless, you need to let the others know about your group and your cause by handing something to the masses. You should not give something that people will only throw away right after they have read it. You will be essentially throwing money away when that happens.

Custom lanyards are probably the most effective and efficient way to advertise your group and ask for some support. People will hesitate to discard the lanyards. They know that they can use the lanyards to help them with their chores. Your lanyards will be able to stay in the possession of their respective owners for a long period of time. They will be able to keep on advertising your cause and your group.

Due to your limited budget, you need to be prudent in choosing the provider that can give you the most out of your money. Choose a customized lanyard provider that will be able to give you quality lanyards that are easy on your budget. You can ask if the provider can give additional discounts. You can add that it won’t be the first and last time that you will need their services. Most companies want a lasting business relationship with their clients, and you need to give the provider an assurance that you will continue patronizing their services.

You also need to see the portfolio of your target provider and some proof that they have an array of satisfied clients. While looking for a company that will agree to make your lanyards on a budget, you also need to check if the company is legit.

Share your custom lanyards and let others know that your group exists. Let people know about your cause and convince them to stand with you.

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The 411 on Lanyards Types and Prints

Today, the trend for lanyards is becoming more popular. You can already make or purchase different styles, according to what you like. In making them, you need to consider factors such as material to be used and what type of print is suited for a certain material. These factors will make each lanyard eye-catching and personal.

There are different types of lanyards that are available according to the material to be used. Here are some of them.

1.Dye Sublimated Lanyard

lanyardsIf you want your lanyards to be multi colored then this type is the right choice for you. it uses heat and pressure to apply the print onto it. Its base material is recommended to be with white color so that the sublimation process will be much more effective. Dye sublimated lanyard is considered to producing the best quality.

2.Woven Lanyard

Just like with custom made patches, this type of lanyard is made out of top quality, and the design is fully furnished with clean and soft stitches. Woven lanyards are best used for simple logo and text design.

3.Nylon Lanyard

It produces a lanyard with a smooth and sheen touch and is considered to be the highest quality of lanyard. It is known to be tough and best used for intricate designs. This type is commonly used in trade fairs and other large events. When you are after the quality, then it is recommended to choose nylon lanyard.

4.Polyester Lanyard

This is the most popular purchased lanyard available in the market since they are affordable but of high quality. The designs and texts are printed in silk screen, same with the process of T-shirt printing.

5.Tubular Lanyard

This is the most economical type of lanyard. It is made out of polyester twill and the logos and text is also silk screen printed. If you are looking for inexpensive yet comfortable lanyard to use then tubular lanyard is the great choice.

6.Single-colored Lanyard

There are some who prefer lanyards with no customizations then there are blank lanyards that can be used. They can be in different colors and materials.

Along with the types, it is also important to consider the imprinting medium for your lanyards since there are materials that usually prefer a certain medium to use in order to achieve great designs and quality. Here are the most commonly used imprinting materials.

1.Screen Printing

Though slightly expensive, screen prints are durable and long-lasting. With thus medium, you can use different color combinations for your designs and texts.

2.Hot Stamping

If you want to be economical, then choose hot stamps for your lanyard as it is affordable and easy to apply. Though with this, you are only limited to selected colors to choose.

3.Laser Engraving

This medium is commonly used for lanyards for animal tags. This uses high energy light beam to create the design onto metal tags. With this, you are guaranteed of fully-detailed designs and prints.


Just like with laser engraving, this type of medium is used for metal tag lanyards. Texts and logo are stamped into the material to create the design. This is also used by the armed forces for their tag lanyards.

5.Full Color Detailing

If you want your lanyard to be multicolored then full color medium is a way to go. It produces a lanyard artwork in full color.

These custom made lanyards will be based from your preference when you purchase them. Each type and medium to be used is subject for your approval and conformity. This is the reason why lanyards are quite popular and in demand.

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Custom Silicon Wristbands are Versatile Enough to Be Used for Many Purposes

Custom silicon wristbands are not just useful for events but for a variety of other purposes as well. Wristbands are very versatile accessories that have a wide variety of uses. And these days, there are many companies that allow you to order wristbands in small quantities; in fact, you can even order single wristbands if that is the only quantity that you need.

One important use for custom silicon wristbands is to help ensure your children’s safety. For example, you can order a wristband with your family name debossed on it, and then write down contact information such as your mobile phone number or other contact information on the band. You can ask your child to wear the wristband when he or she is in daycare or a public place to help ensure their safety.

Custom Silicon WristbandsSchools can also use wristbands to help identify children during field trips and outings. The wristbands can be printed with the school name as well as their motto or other message. You can also make them colorful so that children will enjoy wearing them and will not be taking them off during the trip. In addition, schools can also have special wristbands printed to serve as rewards for students who display outstanding academic performance or a perfect attendance record.

Churches can use wristbands during Sunday school or other activities. The wristband can be printed with an inspirational or faith-based message, and it can be in the church’s colors. You can also use different-colored wristbands to distinguish different classes, for example, red for senior classes and blue for junior ones. For younger children, you can write their names and other contact information on the wristband for identification purposes.

Access wristbands are also important in ensuring safety in public parks and the YMCA or YWCA. For example, if a child is authorized to use the swimming pool or be in a particular area, they can be issued a wristband of a particular color. You can also have wristbands of different colors to distinguish children of different age groups.

Hotels and resorts can use wristbands for security purposes. They can issue wristbands of a certain color and with a particular inscription to guests and another type for staff. This will also help prevent unauthorized people from getting into areas where they are not authorized to be in. In order to ensure that there are no problems with wrist sizing, you can order slap bands that simply slap onto the wrist and adjust to its width.

Fairs and carnivals can use custom silicon wristbands for the same purpose. Instead of a ticket, customers can be issued a wristband at the entrance, which can be printed with the carnival’s name so it can also serve as a souvenir. Staff can be issued wristbands with a different color or of a different width in order to distinguish them from guests. To help ensure child safety, wristbands given to children can have a piece of sticky paper attached where the parents can write their mobile phone number with a permanent marker and which can be removed when they leave.

Custom silicon wristbands can also be used to prevent party crashers at parties or other events. You can issue wristbands of a certain color to guests and bands of another color to staff to help distinguish them. To ensure that not everybody can get a wristband, you can assign somebody to give them out and control distribution. Wristbands should only be given to people who have an invitation and can present ID for security purposes. You can use silk screening to print a logo or symbol on the wristband so that it also becomes a memento of the event.

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Custom Challenge Coins And The Need For Recognition

Challenge coins are known to date back as far as Ancient Rome when gladiators were given their wages in coins plus an extra coin for being victors. Instead of spending the extra token, gladiators were said to keep them as memorabilia.

Today custom challenge coins are used by the military, by the police and fire departments, and by certain organizations. Even companies are now using them to drive the morale of their employees. They customize the challenge coins they use to mark a certain achievement or milestone for people who earn them.

The use of custom challenge coins to drive morale and motivation has been effective. The reason for its effectiveness is that it fulfills the human need for recognition.

custom challenge coinsOne of the features of a challenge coin is the insignia of the institution of which the person belongs to. The person who owns it can identify himself as belonging to that institution or organization. In fact, a well-known story tells of a young pilot who was captured by the French during World War II and was about to be executed. The French believed him to be German. However, when he produced a challenge coin that was given to him, he was able to identify himself as American. The order to execute him was withdrawn because he was an ally.

Organizations use custom challenge coins as tokens of membership. Usually they are used by prestigious organizations. It has been a mark of elitism. Possessing them means membership and access to those organizations—especially if one’s name is on them.

Apart from simple identification, challenge coins have been customized to mark certain achievements. Individuals have to earn them to signify their achievements. Such coins come in all shapes and sizes. It will depend on how the establishment would like to have it designed to mark an achievement. They can be displayed on one’s desk, they can be worn, or they can simply be collected and kept.

Companies nowadays find it necessary to give recognition to employees who have gone far and beyond expectations. If custom challenge coins are used to separate the elite from the rank and file, companies have found use for them to drive their employees to give their best. They have to earn their medallion as a mark of that achievement.

According to Abraham Maslow, the highest need of an individual is self-actualization or self-fulfillment. This need can be met when one has realized his purpose—when one has reached his goals. A challenge coin awarded for achievement becomes the symbol for having attained that purpose. It may not be a fancy car or a mansion, but it is still a mark of achievement—a mark of recognition. The more coins an employee collects, the more his achievements are. The more his achievements are, the more that he is seen as someone as an achiever. He gains leverage by the number of victories he has brought the company.

Custom challenge coins have proven their effectiveness by satisfying the need for recognition. They become symbols of self-fulfillment or self-actualization—either by simple identification of belonging to a particular group, or by the achievements attained. They have always been used by victors and champions. They identify one as belonging to an elite group of people by virtue of his valor and achievements. They set an individual apart from others. This is the reason why challenge coins are extremely effective in improving morale and in driving performance. At the end of the day, each individual would want to do a job well done and be recognized for accomplishing such, particularly by being given a special coin.

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How to Establish Connection between a Keynote Speaker and His Audience?

To become a memorable keynote speaker, one has to connect to his audience and find their sweet spot. The only question is how.

There is no surefire formula to connect any speaker to his audience because personality, charisma and the type of audience vary greatly from person to person. You can consult a speech guru yet still fail to engage an audience because you lack charisma that can make everybody look at your direction every time you speak. On the contrary, you can be diligent with your research and practice voice projection really well yet still fail to jive with the behavior of your audience because you lack sensitivity.

Keynote speakerNevertheless, that does not mean that connecting is not possible. Building that connection involves a step-by-step process. It is not a recipe that anybody can simply follow and expect to do right the first time. Human connection and interaction require practice and understanding to develop an inner sensitivity that will truly grab the audience’s attention and eventually make you a memorable keynote speaker. You have to learn where they are coming from and what their preferences are.

Immerse yourself with your audience. Les Brown, considered one of the top five speakers by the Toastmasters International, used to make a round of calls to attendees of his speeches to understand who they are, how they think and what they like before writing his speeches. He knows himself and capabilities very well, but he has limited knowledge about his audience, so he makes it a point to talk to them personally to get a personal connection.

Authentic connection only happens when you really know what it feels like to connect to the type of audiences you have on a personal level. Talking with someone you do not know at all is hard, whether you are on a stage or closely facing a person; but, talking with people belonging to a culture you are familiar with makes your delivery more sincere and genuine.

Another way to connect is by showing to your audience that like them, you are also vulnerable but only capable of rising victor from the challenges. You have to go to their level of social perception to see them eye to eye.

People rarely like a know-it-all keynote speaker, but they like someone who has been in their shoes before. Would you really believe someone who says this is the way to the top if he himself has not taken that route before? Would you really believe someone who tells you the secret to be part of a rags-to-riches story if he has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth from the beginning? The likes of Dan Millman, Mark Victor Hansen and Nick Vujicic are not afraid to show their mistakes and weaknesses; yet, they continue to fill stadiums anywhere in the world every time they make an appearance.

When you stand in front of hundreds or thousands of people, would you prefer to be seen as someone sitting on a pedestal of success or someone they can approach with their bare feet? It feels amazing to stand on the top; but taking a position so high makes you unreachable and as a keynote speaker, long-distance connection just won’t work. However, if you will open up yourself to your audience to show that you stand on the same ground as they do, they will open up wider and faster in return.

Finding a connection to your audience may not be instant especially if you are not used to opening yourself up to a crowd. It takes time before getting used to interacting with an audience composed of different types of people. Do not be disappointed if you fail to connect with each and every person in the venue because as your audience grows, your personality also grows towards becoming a leader than just a mere keynote speaker.

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Surfing The Wave of Backlink Penalties SEO Services Have To Deal With

Every day a site is published with the hopes that it will become the highest placement in search engines for their niche. You may have a site published and are hoping that you can get a lot of traffic pointed to your page. There is nothing wrong with that. You will find yourself chasing the wind, however, if you aren’t using one of the major SEO services to help you build the right traffic and placement. Too often people try to circumvent the need for purchasing the services of a professional grade solution. You may find yourself wondering what the big deal is, but you will see that there are pieces to the bigger picture that you will have to learn to deal with, otherwise you will end up spinning your wheels for no reason.

The Many Elements of SEO:

SEO services will be quick to tell SEO_Servicesyou that the acronym stands for a lot of things. When you see Search Engine Optimization, you will immediately think that you can do this within a breath. In the world of optimization, 1+1 does not always equate to 2. You could do everything right according to the textbooks, and you could even get a certification in optimization, and still see your rankings plummet.

In order to understand what happens when you are not gaining leverage, you have to understand that SEO means that you’ll have to work within the following, but not necessarily limited to these pieces:

  • Content marketing
  • Blogging
  • Link Generation
  • Video marketing
  • Article publishing
  • Press release creation

The above is just a handful of things that are all necessary to work within the parameters of what professionals fix and implement for their clients. When you are firing on all cylinders, you will gain leverage over time.

Isolating Backlinks:

Amidst all of the aforementioned pieces that you have to work on in order to get traffic moving to your page, you will need to look at things from the perspective of the professionals. For them, backlinks are the backbone of optimization, especially in today’s marketplace.  You will find that when you have the right links pointing to your page, you will get a lot of traffic. This may sound odd, but if you think about it, it can help you gain leverage in terms of authority, by having a higher ranking page recommend you.

It’s like having a letter of recommendation from a top notch school or company. Without backlinks, your page is as good as dead online. It’s for that reason that you will want to isolate backlinks that are going to give you the most reputation, and not just numbers.

The Penalty Box:

Diving into the issue of link generation, you will find that the latest algorithm pushes by search engines is no longer something that you are going to be able to implement with ease. When you try to go with shortcuts, bulk links, or anything that is going to “game” the system, you will be flagged and penalized. When search engines penalize sites, they completely wipe them out from their results. When you are no longer in the results, you are going to find yourself having to try to bounce back and figure out how to relieve the issue.

Let’s say that you didn’t even know that you were being penalized, you would just assume that you would need more links. The more you buy, or the more you get through nefarious ways, the bigger the penalties will rise and the higher the comeback will become. Coming back from this issue is not simple, but it is possible. When you’re in the penalty box, so to speak, you will need to not only disavow the links that are pointing to your page, but you will need to have a professional plan to come back to good graces within the search engines today.

Establishing The Right Connections:

When you hire professional SEO services, they will work with link generation in a slow and methodical manner. They will build the pieces that will give you a better chance of competing, but they’ll do it with the notion of pushing the pieces that will help the end user. That means that you will get your links with hyper relevant sites. For instance, if you were selling shoes, you may very well work your way into a site like Nike. That may sound insane to some, but when you hire the right company, they build that type of relationship, and get your placement in the right places, and that could very well be the 1 thing that you need. 1 link from a site like, could very well create enough market share for your site to last for months on end.

The Rules Changing All The Time:

This is all a matter that can change tomorrow. The rules of marketing online change all the time. In fact, you will find that Google alone has changed their minds on link generation 4 times in the last few years. It’s something that is absolutely impossible to navigate alone. It’s for that reason that you should look into experts that can help you create the right collateral to placate the penalties and get you back into the good graces of all search engines. It takes time, that’s for sure.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Baseball Pins

For years, the practice of trading pins has been integral in any team sport. Players and non-players alike exchange these colorful objects to have fun and to get to know other people. Trading pins is almost as enjoyable as the games themselves, and baseball is no exception. This is why many teams have custom baseball pins made to introduce a little spice and individuality into the sport.

Why make customized pins?

Well, for one, team members seem to enjoy them. They are great products for rewarding good team members. Also, having customized pins for your team also helps them develop a sense of team spirit and identity, which are crucial in the game. Additionally, making custom baseball pins for your team is a way to let your team be known in the sport. Fans value merchandise featuring their favorite teams and players.

What are the different types of trading pins?

Pins are often manufactured in one of four ways. Knowing the differences between each is imperative in choosing the type that you want to have for your team.

1. Cloisonne Enamel Pins

custom baseball pinsThese pins are very popular and account for around ninety percent of requested pins. They are very beautiful and have a jewelry-like finish. They sparkle when manufactured. They are a little more limited in color and detail as compared to offset digital printed pins, but they are textured, making them very valuable to collectors.

2. Offset Digital-Printed Pins

These pins are perfect for multi-colored designs which require more details. Projects which require the reproduction of a photograph, company logo, or painting often necessitate offset digital-printed pins. These pins are produced by using the latest printing technology to directly print the design onto brass pins, then applying a clear transparent coating to protect the image. The final pin matches the exact details and colors of team logos, with a shiny finish upon catching light.

3. Photo-Etched Pin

Photo-etched pins are a cheaper alternative to cloisonne soft enamel pin. The former has most of the latter’s features and fine details, but are offered at more reasonable prices.

4. Stock Trading Pins

Thinking of trading pins at the last minute? Here’s a solution! Although stock trading pins cannot be personalized in the same way as custom baseball pins, stock trading pins are available for fast shipment. They are as attractive and have the same quality as customized pins, and you’ll surely enjoy trading these during pin trading season!

Why trade pins?

Baseball trading pins have always been an integral part of the sport. The practice is often observed at baseball tournaments, resorts, and venues as a way for players to get to know more people and to show off their collections.

Have some random facts about trading pins! 

1. Most players start of their trading pin collection with seventy-five to a hundred pins.

2. Bigger collections are better. Having a large stock makes trading for sought-after pins easier.

3. Team trading pins range in size from one and a half to two and a half inches. Bigger pins are often heavier and more expensive.

4. Most people prepare their trading pin collections as early as March. Baseball season, Coopers-town events, and World Series during the months of June to July are often very busy, since teams are often traveling between places and training. It’s better to have your collection ready, so that you won’t miss any good opportunities!

Interesting, isn’t it? The practice of making and trading custom baseball pins is something that is almost as revered as the sport itself, so invest in your collection and have fun trading!

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Golfing Tips: Hitting the Ball

The difficulty of hitting golf balls is over-rated. In golf, whether in a practice range or in a tournament course, the ball is just sitting there and the player can take their time to swing at it. It is easier than baseball, where the ball is moving at high speeds, or tennis, where both the ball and the players are moving; people think these two are easier than golf. In actuality, hitting golf balls can be quite simple.

First, take a good look at your target line. To make a good shot, you have to know exactly where you want the ball to go. It doesn’t matter if you are just practicing swings; the direction you want your ball to fly should always be included in your considerations before moving. After doing so, stand and align your body – hips, feet and shoulders – parallel to your established target line. Slightly flex your knees and bend from the hips, forward. Center your weight on the balls of your feet. Lightly rest your triceps against your chest and hold the club in your normal grip. Let your arms relax straight down; in this position, your hands should be positioned under your chin. This is the relaxed address position. It is relaxed but ready for action.

Begin the back swing motion by turning your shoulders. Without lifting or bending your arms, you should be able to turn as far as your hands being at waist-high. Your forward tilt should be enough to put your arms and hands in the proper plane for a one-piece take away. Allow the elbow of your dominant hand to bend as you continue your back swing. Your other arm should be relatively straight. This one-arm-bent-other-arm-straight motion lets your wrists cock with least effort. Avoid twisting your forearms just to swing on the same plane. Bending your elbow will correct your club’s angle into the plane naturally.

Once you reached the top of your back swing, you will feel a slight drop of your hands as a reaction to your shoulders setting and stopping their turning motion. Don’t force your shoulders to turn more than what feels natural; it will only upset your swing plane. After this, begin your downswing. Doing the previous steps mentioned here would let you do the recommended downswing “beginning from the lower body” naturally. A good image for the downswing motion is throwing a Frisbee or swinging a baseball bat. The key to this motion is to keep your forearms relaxed and the left elbow – if you are right-handed – pointing down to the ground. Using this way, you can square up the club’s hitting face and “backhand” the golf balls. Then you can hit the ball and swing into your finishing position. You’ll know that you’ve done the previous steps correctly if it is easier to hit the ball and more difficult to stop swinging. Always remember what direction you want the ball to go as you hit and hold that line until you finish your swing.

golf ballsThe target line would be more stable mid-swing if you keep your left arm – again, if you are right-handed – pointing towards the ground. This will be easy if you rest your triceps against your chest through most of the swing. During the top of your back swing, it will slightly move away then re-touch as you start downwards. The left arm – if you are right-handed – would also move slightly away at the finish of your swing. This will make your swings more consistent and simpler to accomplish.

Hitting golf balls needs practice and getting used to the equipment. Like most sports, it requires that the player feels that the equipment – in this case, the club – is an extension of their arms. This is the reason why players practice for quite a few runs when playing with a new type of ball or a new club.

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The different kinds of lapel pins

Pins, whether custom- or factory-made, have been in use as accessories and decor for many years. Worn on the lapel or on a vest, they add character and sophistication to anyone who ventures to wear them. They are small, handy, and shiny-looking. They embody the symbol of a group or an organization.

But just as pins have varied designs, their uses and purposes also differ widely. Depending on the occasion, one may need to have a pin customized. In order to determine what kind of pin to purchase, below is a list of the different kinds of lapel pins in the market.

lapel pinsTeam pins are customized by different organizations to represent their – you guessed it – teams. These can be emblazoned with the team’s logo, mascot, or official motto. Lapel pins for the University of Missouri’s athletics department could, for example, have theirs designed with the head of a roaring tiger as its main element, with the school motto wrapped around. These pins can be worn by the team’s athletes to formal sporting events, or even during competitions, to distinguish themselves from their opponents. Wearing one displays pride on one’s home team as well as a distinct identity.

Awareness pins are used to spread information about a certain issue or topic of discussion. These are worn to display one’s stand or statement on a given issue. For example, breast cancer support groups could get lapel pins done in the shape of a looped pink ribbon – the universal symbol of the fight against breast cancer. The same can be said for non-government organizations which are pushing for the avoidance of the spread of HIV that could potentially lead to AIDS. Anyone who is spotted wearing a red pin will be seen as people who have joined the battle against this dreaded disease. In some cultures, wearing black pins is seen as a symbol that there has been a death in the family. In fact, wearing different colors of pins is associated with certain things. Blue stands for either free speech or child abuse prevention. Purple is for abuse – domestic violence or animal abuse. White represents the call for peace. Awareness pins can also be worn to advocate certain causes. For example, a book drive’s organizer could have some of these pins made and designed with the words, “Reading helps” or something similar. Interested customers can then purchase and wear this merchandise to spread the word about the book drive.

Recognition pins, on the other hand, are used during awarding ceremonies to honor exemplary persons, such as excellent students and role models. These can also be distributed to people who have been loyal or those who have devoted a certain number of years of service to a given company. For example, some industries would usually give out recognition pins after every five years – five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and so on – of valuable service.

Organizational pins are given out by various groups to their members to signify their allegiance or affiliation. Fraternities and sororities would give these out to the elite members of their groups. Sometimes, these lapel pins would also serve a political purpose. The Soviet Union, now modern-day Russia, and the People’s Republic China produced pins with the portraits of their leaders – Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong, respectively. They were worn as symbols of support and allegiance. Today, these could be collected as souvenirs or for inclusion in collections of custom pins.

No matter the purpose of wearing them, lapel pins serve the purpose of displaying one’s achievements and affiliations. It is a cheap and classy way of showing these things. Various organizations may find it easier to spread their cause via custom-made pins.

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The Basics of Designing Custom Embroidered Patches

Having your own custom patches can be a good way of expressing your love for something or just merely your artistic skills. Fortunately, there are a lot of services out there who are willing to turn your designs into masterfully-embroidered works of art for you to wear on your shirt. Designing custom embroidered patches may look intimidating at first but it isn’t. In fact, you don’t need to have an artistic sense just to have design a patch. Below are a few areas you need to cover when designing your own custom patch.

1. Start With An Idea

Before they are made, all custom embroidered patches begin as an idea in their owner’s mind. This idea may be centered on a theme, an event or a brand’s identity. Thus, a patch must be able to reflect the ideas that their owner’s had in mind when designing them.If you are a bit skilled in the arts, you can start drafting your design in the same size as you want your patch to be. This will give the patch company an idea of how detailed you want your patch to be given the size.

2. Designing the Patch

Custom Embroidered patchesThe main objective in designing custom embroidered patches is always to make its message come across the audience effectively. When designing your patch, avoid filling it with too many details as it makes it cluttered. Plus, it will give the embroidery team problems in translating the details to the patch especially if they are too small. Always remember that an idea, if simply stated, will always make for a better embroidered patch.

3. Patch Shape

Once you have designed the patch, the next thing you have to take a look at is the base shape where the design will rest.As a rule of thumb, you must pick a base that will cover the design effectively to avoid the patch from looking flimsy once it is attached.For patches whose icon predominates the entire design, it is best to pick shapes that are short blocky like triangles, shields and circles. For patches with text, it is best to pick a rectangular base to give the text ample support. Keep in mind that most text-heavy patches tend to flop around in the shirt in time. Giving them a strong base will keep them in place for as long as possible.

4. Support and Adhesives

By its own, the patch has no means to support itself let alone attach to any surface. For this, giving it the right kind of support will make the patch as wearable and durable as possible. As of now, there are several materials that can add stiffness to custom embroidered patches like plastic, heat seals, magnets, adhesives and, of course, Velcro. Aside from that, every backing material is design to let the patch attach itself easily to any surface. If you plan to make your patches easily detachable, you should consider using magnets or Velcro patches.

5. Borders

The patch’s border will determine how durable it will be once attached and how it will stand out on any surface. The best border used in custom embroidered patches today are merrowed borders as they can wrap around the edges of the patch which gives it the outward support it needs. In addition, these borders have a 1/8” thickness which will make the patch stand out in any surface regardless of color. A good patch company will use this border material in all patch design to come up with a patch that can be easily distinguished once it is worn in a short.

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