A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Baseball Pins

For years, the practice of trading pins has been integral in any team sport. Players and non-players alike exchange these colorful objects to have fun and to get to know other people. Trading pins is almost as enjoyable as the games themselves, and baseball is no exception. This is why many teams have custom baseball pins made to introduce a little spice and individuality into the sport.

Why make customized pins?

Well, for one, team members seem to enjoy them. They are great products for rewarding good team members. Also, having customized pins for your team also helps them develop a sense of team spirit and identity, which are crucial in the game. Additionally, making custom baseball pins for your team is a way to let your team be known in the sport. Fans value merchandise featuring their favorite teams and players.

What are the different types of trading pins?

Pins are often manufactured in one of four ways. Knowing the differences between each is imperative in choosing the type that you want to have for your team.

1. Cloisonne Enamel Pins

custom baseball pinsThese pins are very popular and account for around ninety percent of requested pins. They are very beautiful and have a jewelry-like finish. They sparkle when manufactured. They are a little more limited in color and detail as compared to offset digital printed pins, but they are textured, making them very valuable to collectors.

2. Offset Digital-Printed Pins

These pins are perfect for multi-colored designs which require more details. Projects which require the reproduction of a photograph, company logo, or painting often necessitate offset digital-printed pins. These pins are produced by using the latest printing technology to directly print the design onto brass pins, then applying a clear transparent coating to protect the image. The final pin matches the exact details and colors of team logos, with a shiny finish upon catching light.

3. Photo-Etched Pin

Photo-etched pins are a cheaper alternative to cloisonne soft enamel pin. The former has most of the latter’s features and fine details, but are offered at more reasonable prices.

4. Stock Trading Pins

Thinking of trading pins at the last minute? Here’s a solution! Although stock trading pins cannot be personalized in the same way as custom baseball pins, stock trading pins are available for fast shipment. They are as attractive and have the same quality as customized pins, and you’ll surely enjoy trading these during pin trading season!

Why trade pins?

Baseball trading pins have always been an integral part of the sport. The practice is often observed at baseball tournaments, resorts, and venues as a way for players to get to know more people and to show off their collections.

Have some random facts about trading pins! 

1. Most players start of their trading pin collection with seventy-five to a hundred pins.

2. Bigger collections are better. Having a large stock makes trading for sought-after pins easier.

3. Team trading pins range in size from one and a half to two and a half inches. Bigger pins are often heavier and more expensive.

4. Most people prepare their trading pin collections as early as March. Baseball season, Coopers-town events, and World Series during the months of June to July are often very busy, since teams are often traveling between places and training. It’s better to have your collection ready, so that you won’t miss any good opportunities!

Interesting, isn’t it? The practice of making and trading custom baseball pins is something that is almost as revered as the sport itself, so invest in your collection and have fun trading!

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Golfing Tips: Hitting the Ball

The difficulty of hitting golf balls is over-rated. In golf, whether in a practice range or in a tournament course, the ball is just sitting there and the player can take their time to swing at it. It is easier than baseball, where the ball is moving at high speeds, or tennis, where both the ball and the players are moving; people think these two are easier than golf. In actuality, hitting golf balls can be quite simple.

First, take a good look at your target line. To make a good shot, you have to know exactly where you want the ball to go. It doesn’t matter if you are just practicing swings; the direction you want your ball to fly should always be included in your considerations before moving. After doing so, stand and align your body – hips, feet and shoulders – parallel to your established target line. Slightly flex your knees and bend from the hips, forward. Center your weight on the balls of your feet. Lightly rest your triceps against your chest and hold the club in your normal grip. Let your arms relax straight down; in this position, your hands should be positioned under your chin. This is the relaxed address position. It is relaxed but ready for action.

Begin the back swing motion by turning your shoulders. Without lifting or bending your arms, you should be able to turn as far as your hands being at waist-high. Your forward tilt should be enough to put your arms and hands in the proper plane for a one-piece take away. Allow the elbow of your dominant hand to bend as you continue your back swing. Your other arm should be relatively straight. This one-arm-bent-other-arm-straight motion lets your wrists cock with least effort. Avoid twisting your forearms just to swing on the same plane. Bending your elbow will correct your club’s angle into the plane naturally.

Once you reached the top of your back swing, you will feel a slight drop of your hands as a reaction to your shoulders setting and stopping their turning motion. Don’t force your shoulders to turn more than what feels natural; it will only upset your swing plane. After this, begin your downswing. Doing the previous steps mentioned here would let you do the recommended downswing “beginning from the lower body” naturally. A good image for the downswing motion is throwing a Frisbee or swinging a baseball bat. The key to this motion is to keep your forearms relaxed and the left elbow – if you are right-handed – pointing down to the ground. Using this way, you can square up the club’s hitting face and “backhand” the golf balls. Then you can hit the ball and swing into your finishing position. You’ll know that you’ve done the previous steps correctly if it is easier to hit the ball and more difficult to stop swinging. Always remember what direction you want the ball to go as you hit and hold that line until you finish your swing.

golf ballsThe target line would be more stable mid-swing if you keep your left arm – again, if you are right-handed – pointing towards the ground. This will be easy if you rest your triceps against your chest through most of the swing. During the top of your back swing, it will slightly move away then re-touch as you start downwards. The left arm – if you are right-handed – would also move slightly away at the finish of your swing. This will make your swings more consistent and simpler to accomplish.

Hitting golf balls needs practice and getting used to the equipment. Like most sports, it requires that the player feels that the equipment – in this case, the club – is an extension of their arms. This is the reason why players practice for quite a few runs when playing with a new type of ball or a new club.

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The different kinds of lapel pins

Pins, whether custom- or factory-made, have been in use as accessories and decor for many years. Worn on the lapel or on a vest, they add character and sophistication to anyone who ventures to wear them. They are small, handy, and shiny-looking. They embody the symbol of a group or an organization.

But just as pins have varied designs, their uses and purposes also differ widely. Depending on the occasion, one may need to have a pin customized. In order to determine what kind of pin to purchase, below is a list of the different kinds of lapel pins in the market.

lapel pinsTeam pins are customized by different organizations to represent their – you guessed it – teams. These can be emblazoned with the team’s logo, mascot, or official motto. Lapel pins for the University of Missouri’s athletics department could, for example, have theirs designed with the head of a roaring tiger as its main element, with the school motto wrapped around. These pins can be worn by the team’s athletes to formal sporting events, or even during competitions, to distinguish themselves from their opponents. Wearing one displays pride on one’s home team as well as a distinct identity.

Awareness pins are used to spread information about a certain issue or topic of discussion. These are worn to display one’s stand or statement on a given issue. For example, breast cancer support groups could get lapel pins done in the shape of a looped pink ribbon – the universal symbol of the fight against breast cancer. The same can be said for non-government organizations which are pushing for the avoidance of the spread of HIV that could potentially lead to AIDS. Anyone who is spotted wearing a red pin will be seen as people who have joined the battle against this dreaded disease. In some cultures, wearing black pins is seen as a symbol that there has been a death in the family. In fact, wearing different colors of pins is associated with certain things. Blue stands for either free speech or child abuse prevention. Purple is for abuse – domestic violence or animal abuse. White represents the call for peace. Awareness pins can also be worn to advocate certain causes. For example, a book drive’s organizer could have some of these pins made and designed with the words, “Reading helps” or something similar. Interested customers can then purchase and wear this merchandise to spread the word about the book drive.

Recognition pins, on the other hand, are used during awarding ceremonies to honor exemplary persons, such as excellent students and role models. These can also be distributed to people who have been loyal or those who have devoted a certain number of years of service to a given company. For example, some industries would usually give out recognition pins after every five years – five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and so on – of valuable service.

Organizational pins are given out by various groups to their members to signify their allegiance or affiliation. Fraternities and sororities would give these out to the elite members of their groups. Sometimes, these lapel pins would also serve a political purpose. The Soviet Union, now modern-day Russia, and the People’s Republic China produced pins with the portraits of their leaders – Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong, respectively. They were worn as symbols of support and allegiance. Today, these could be collected as souvenirs or for inclusion in collections of custom pins.

No matter the purpose of wearing them, lapel pins serve the purpose of displaying one’s achievements and affiliations. It is a cheap and classy way of showing these things. Various organizations may find it easier to spread their cause via custom-made pins.

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The Basics of Designing Custom Embroidered Patches

Having your own custom patches can be a good way of expressing your love for something or just merely your artistic skills. Fortunately, there are a lot of services out there who are willing to turn your designs into masterfully-embroidered works of art for you to wear on your shirt. Designing custom embroidered patches may look intimidating at first but it isn’t. In fact, you don’t need to have an artistic sense just to have design a patch. Below are a few areas you need to cover when designing your own custom patch.

1. Start With An Idea

Before they are made, all custom embroidered patches begin as an idea in their owner’s mind. This idea may be centered on a theme, an event or a brand’s identity. Thus, a patch must be able to reflect the ideas that their owner’s had in mind when designing them.If you are a bit skilled in the arts, you can start drafting your design in the same size as you want your patch to be. This will give the patch company an idea of how detailed you want your patch to be given the size.

2. Designing the Patch

Custom Embroidered patchesThe main objective in designing custom embroidered patches is always to make its message come across the audience effectively. When designing your patch, avoid filling it with too many details as it makes it cluttered. Plus, it will give the embroidery team problems in translating the details to the patch especially if they are too small. Always remember that an idea, if simply stated, will always make for a better embroidered patch.

3. Patch Shape

Once you have designed the patch, the next thing you have to take a look at is the base shape where the design will rest.As a rule of thumb, you must pick a base that will cover the design effectively to avoid the patch from looking flimsy once it is attached.For patches whose icon predominates the entire design, it is best to pick shapes that are short blocky like triangles, shields and circles. For patches with text, it is best to pick a rectangular base to give the text ample support. Keep in mind that most text-heavy patches tend to flop around in the shirt in time. Giving them a strong base will keep them in place for as long as possible.

4. Support and Adhesives

By its own, the patch has no means to support itself let alone attach to any surface. For this, giving it the right kind of support will make the patch as wearable and durable as possible. As of now, there are several materials that can add stiffness to custom embroidered patches like plastic, heat seals, magnets, adhesives and, of course, Velcro. Aside from that, every backing material is design to let the patch attach itself easily to any surface. If you plan to make your patches easily detachable, you should consider using magnets or Velcro patches.

5. Borders

The patch’s border will determine how durable it will be once attached and how it will stand out on any surface. The best border used in custom embroidered patches today are merrowed borders as they can wrap around the edges of the patch which gives it the outward support it needs. In addition, these borders have a 1/8” thickness which will make the patch stand out in any surface regardless of color. A good patch company will use this border material in all patch design to come up with a patch that can be easily distinguished once it is worn in a short.

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The Advantages of usingthe Movable Cubicle

Moving stuff is easy but moving a room is not. But thanks to movable cubicles, even rooms can be transferred from one place to another without having to do major changes in your home or office. Because of this, some people are now choosing the idea of using movable cubicles instead of building concrete rooms.

A movable cubicle is cheaper.

Using this option for making rooms is far cheaper than using permanent materials such as concrete cement. Why? First, since the cubicle is movable you do not have to tear down or destroy it just so you can redesign a room or a space. Instead you just transfer the cubicles to where they are supposed to be and you’re done. Also, since you do not have to tear down anything, you don’t have to spend more on labor.

Second, since the cubicles are movable you do not have to buy new materials to reconstruct a wall or a divider or even a room for that matter.

A movable cubicle is easier to rearrange.

movableThese cubicles are very easy to move around so you can just rearrange them anytime you want. Especially if you are using them as dividers you do not need a crane to lift them up and move them somewhere else. Also companies providing these cubicles render services which help their customers move big cubicles. Since these cubicles range in sizes some companies provide lifting as well as moving services.

This feature of this cubicle makes it suitable for offices and work places where frequent rearranging is necessary. For example you are a growing company and every now and then you need to add rooms in your office, using cubicles that are movable is a great way to make sure that everyone in the office is given his own space without having to do major reconstruction. This saves your company money and time. Also, it makes everyone in the office feel that he is given the importance and attention he needs.

A movable cubicle is easier to redesign.

These cubicles come in different designs and colors. They vary in sizes and they may also come in plain colors so you can do the designing yourself. A great example of this is a cubicle made into a bedroom. The owner painted it with his favorite color and moves it in different areas of the house when he wishes to. He also brings his room with him on long trips.

A movable cubicle is made of sturdy material.

Although these cubicles may be considered light weight, they are very sturdy and thus they do not easily get destroyed. This is the thing that is great with these cubicles because they may be used indoors and outdoors.

Cubicles that are used indoors are those that are used as dividers and separators while cubicles used outdoors are those that look like storage units. These are the cubicles that come in very large sizes; you can almost fit two bedrooms in it.

A movable cubicle is easy to acquire.

These cubicles are available almost everywhere in the country because companies who offer this product are willing to deliver them to different states. Contact information for these companies may be found on the yellow pages or they may be found on the internet. Just look up their website and leave a message.

Our generation today is very lucky to have movable cubicles because now moving stuff or rearranging a room is no longer as tedious as it was before. Now one can add divisions to his house and office without having to spend on construction materials and labor.

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Tips for Buying GW1516

GW1516 is perhaps one of the most controversial drugs ever made. Since the announcement of its discovery in the early 2000s, different opinions on the effects and side effects of the drug have raged and clashed. Until now, online discussion boards are brimming with questions and answers—or maybe attempts at answers—regarding the drug known only by its Glaxo Smith Kline designation.

What is clear is that the drug was originally intended to cure cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity, among others. Subsequent animal testing also revealed that the drug could be used as a performance enhancer, as tests on mice yielded higher endurance in subjects. GSK, in collaboration with Ligand Pharmaceuticals, began research in the early 1990s; almost two decades after, however, GSK decided to shelve the development of the GW1516. Ostensibly, the research was discontinued after it was discovered that the compound caused cancer in rats.

gw1516The potential itself, however, is attractive enough for the drug to have its own place in the black and grey markets—despite warnings from governments. It remains highly popular with athletes and bodybuilders, and one look at discussion boards online proves the persisting fascination for GSK’s GW1516. Other scientists also form part of the market of the compound, as they try to improve or modify the drug to lessen all the risks that emerged from GSK’s stint in developing the compound. If you are planning to buy GW1516—whatever reasons you may have—here are some tips to guide you:

First, do some research on the basics of the compound. Find out how it works, what its effects are, and what potential side effects there are. Note that this is a modulator compound that regulates fat burning processes. Instead of burning carbohydrates or muscle protein for energy, the compound targets fat mass and burns it. This makes it ideal for obese patients who cannot achieve the same results with dieting and exercise alone—but there might be several drawbacks in taking the drug. Remember those rats that died of cancer because of the drug—keep in mind, forewarned is forearmed.

Don’t limit yourself to just knowing the technical aspects of the compound. More than how it works, you would have to read up on how it is generally used. You can accomplish this by going online and looking for discussions on the subject. Sift through these posts carefully—as the compound has never seen clinical use, most of the responses you will see online might be just guesses or hunches. Either way, this is a good way to gather tips and recommendations on how to handle the compound as well.

In relation to these two, make sure you read the fine print of the terms of agreement or disclaimers when you are buying online. Most of these suppliers cater to scientists with accomplished research and development teams equipped to handle the compound; however, the World Anti-Doping Agency has banned the use of the compound among athletes. Buyers should know that they are purchasing the compound at their own risk. You cannot hold the supplier liable in case of excessive intake and undesirable side-effects; so make sure you order the right kind, for the right reasons, and from the right supplier.

In looking for a supplier, make sure you go with a reliable, respected chemical manufacturer. In this case, the name matters—your supplier must have a good reputation among users, both past and current ones. Consulting internet discussions over details like this should help you list down the pros and cons of each supplier which would consequently enable you to make smart and cost-effective decisions without jeopardizing the quality of the compound that you wish to purchase.

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Beating the Heat with Misting Fans

Summer should be a lively season but along with the nearer proximity of the sun to earth also comes unbearably hotter temperatures. Air conditioning systems can help but staying indoors inside the room is such a waste of these wonderful months of the year, and using them for long hours can surely jack up your electric bill.

misting fansOne type of air cooler operates at much lower power requirements and can be a better alternative because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are called evaporative coolers and they use the cooling qualities of evaporating water to reduce the temperature of dry air. It works much like the way the body cools down when sweat is released by the skin and then is dried up by air. The typical evaporative cooler is composed of a fan, a water source and a water diffuser. Water is dispersed through the diffuser, and then air is blown through the diffuser. The result is cooler air due to the increased humidity and the transition of water from its liquid form to vapour.

An improvement to the evaporative cooler, misting fans take it a level higher through the use of water mist to cool the air temperature even more. A nozzle or a group of nozzles usually located at the center of the fan grille, turns water into small droplets which are then blown by the electric powered fan to the area being cooled. This method can lower air temperature by up to 30 degrees.


And when it comes to building misting fans, nobody does it better than the Nashville based company called Auramist. With a mission to enhance the comfort, productivity, and safety of the customers, the company is committed to providing quality products that meet and exceeds industry standards as well as the requirements of the consumers.

Patented Nozzle Technology

All Auramist misting fans are equipped with patented and proprietary nozzles that are built to last and withstand UV rays, rust, and clogging. These nozzles are specially engineered to ‘atomize’ the water droplets and micronize them to such a fine mist that it feels dry when touched. This means cooling without the sticky feeling that comes with other misting fans.

Less water and energy requirements

Typically, a misting fan will use up a gallon of water per hour of operation. For a two gallon reservoir, that means refilling every two hours which can be tedious. Because of the specialized nozzle in Auramist, water usage is reduced to only a pint per hour. That’s almost 80 percent less water consumption. Their misting fans are also every efficient that the 18 inch model only consumes energy equivalent to a couple of bulbs. Overall, this translates to lower water and electric bills, and lower cost of ownership due to lower maintenance requirements.

A misting fan for every need

Through continuous research and development, Auramist has come up with a wide variety of products enough to suit all cooling needs.

For the home users, they have the 16 inch Velos and the 18 inch Milo. Both are equipped with the patented clog-free nozzle technology and uses outdoor certified materials designed to withstand UV rays and rusting. Both oscillate up to 90 degrees providing wide cooling coverage. Fan speed and misting level are also adjustable on both models.

For larger areas both open and enclosed like loading docks, warehouses, garages, and sporting events, Auramist will soon release the Industrial Strength Cooling.

Even golf carts are covered with the Golf Car Cooling. Using the same misting technology, it can make playing gold even in the hottest of seasons more comfortable.

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Using Live Chat Service as an Advertising Tool

Live chat service is a great way of promoting your website, providing customer service and consequently, providing a fantastic customer experience so that people will keep coming back to your website to buy or avail of whatever it is you’re selling. Besides those aforementioned uses of live chat support, it can also be used as a tool for advertisers.

live chat serviceMost chat boxes use cookies to securely store user information. Most of this information can be used by advertisers to, for example, run relevant ads to specific customers.

Some of the pieces of information collected are the customer’s internet protocol or IP address, date and time of visit, their location, browser used, and version. These information are used to track visitor activity and useful to advertisers.

Some third-party services, like ApexChat, offer these and more information to advertisers and website owners. Third-party live chat systems handle each chat sessions so website owners would not have to setup live chat systems and hire live chat agents. A third-party live chat service like this also logs information about the chat sessions made through them like the time the chat session started, the transcript of the chat and the time it ends. As you can see, they can gather more information than what cookies can. Not to mention, they monitor your website twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Besides gathering user information, live chat support can also be used to increase advertising clicks and leads. Customers can be influenced to purchase certain product or take advantage of a promotion. For example, if you are running subscription-based websites they can be urged to, say, upgrade to a paid subscription. If you are an advertiser, the customers can also be influenced to click on ad or better yet, purchase what is advertised. This is a great way of promoting what your website offers or boosting the hits of your ads if you are an advertiser.

Also, adding live chat service on your website creates traffic on your website. You would want more people flocking to your website and providing great customer service is a sure way of doing so. More visitors mean more customers, or if you are an advertiser, more people seeing your ad, which means more potential clicks or leads. Of course, it is important to know how you can provide great live chat service.

• To make your live chat appealing, make it so that your chat box suits the look and feel of your website. Talk to an IT professional, who has some knowledge about CSS, HTML or JavaScript, about changing the way your chat box looks. If your chat box was provided to you by a third-party live chat system, they can help you with this.

• It is also important that you hire live chat agents that are knowledgeable about the product or services your website provides. Providing quality customer service is very important in keeping your customers and luring in new ones.

• Make your chat box more user-friendly. Some website scripts make your chat box appear only if your customer stayed for a specified number of minutes. This is preferred as it can be perceived as a nice gesture of offering a helping hand.

• If possible, provide 24/7 chat support. Most customers do their online surfing when they get home, or over the weekends when they have free time, so providing support around the clock is essential. Some websites offer email support if their live chat service is offline or as mentioned, there are third-party service providers who have their own agents.

Live chat support is a brilliant way of boosting your website’s sales or ad revenue. It is a proven way to keep your customers and leads. Attract new customers and your business is sure to grow. Good luck!

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Treadmill Desk: Balancing Work and Exercise

It is of no great surprise that an average person usually spends at least a third of his day sitting in front of the computer. Though the computer might provide the person with everything he needs for his work, it takes away a certain vital requirement for longer life, and that is exercise. Fortunately, an innovative device called a treadmill desk is designed to address this specific problem of the average person.

What is a treadmill desk?

Best treadmill deskThis is a modified exercise machine where in a table is placed on or is connected to a treadmill. It is also called a walking desk or a treadmill workstation. This enables a person to work and at the same time get that much needed exercise. This idea was inspired by a Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic. An obesity researcher, he developed this contraption when his studies showed the high health risk brought by sitting for long periods. Further studies also revealed that by walking the eight-hour shift rather than sitting, a person could burn as much as 100 more calories per hour and could lose an average of 57 pounds per year.

Who often uses a treadmill desk?

The idea for this innovative machine was first designed for the typical office worker. This person was described as someone with an eight-hour desk job and no extra time for exercise. Majority of his work usually leaves him facing his computer and not moving around. The exercise was therefore incorporated in the person’s work to help him fight possible obesity and improve his lifestyle.

This, however, does not limit the use of the desk to just office workers. Anyone who would like to integrate exercise with work life is welcome, and even encouraged, to try this kind of work-exercise routine.

How does a treadmill desk work?

A person using this health-improvement device should leisurely walk on the treadmill while simultaneously working at the desk. For beginners, leisurely at this point means that the rate of walking is less than a mile per hour. It is advised that a person should really start at a low pace because walking while working sometimes distracts the person and the quality of his work might suffer. He could then gradually build up his speed when he gets accustomed to the actions of working and walking.

In addition, it is also suggested that the person try to walk while doing trivial or light work first, work that does not need a high degree of concentration. For example, he could start by checking first his e-mail, browsing the net, and the likes.

A common feature of this device is the health readings. This means that the machine could record the pace of the person and provide the total distance the person has walked. It could also show the total time the person has spent walking, the equivalent total calories he has burned, and the heart rate of the person while walking at a certain pace. Some devices even have step counters where the total steps per day are recorded.

There are some treadmills that allow the user to start walking at a speed of his choice while there are those that start slow and then gradually pick up speed. The latter type usually provides an emergency-off tab that the person could pull when he cannot level with the speed of the treadmill.

In all, users of the treadmill desk have commented on how effective it is in incorporating work and exercise. They feel that by using this machine, they not only increase their productivity but they have also improved their general lifestyle. This device has indeed lived up to its main purpose.

This Signature Executive treadmill desk is a great all around unit. It allows you to work in 3 different ways.

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